Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kato Blend/Edit Firesale pt1

(Dude in this photo is the OG Kato played by Bruce Lee in The Green Hornet)

I'm back from outer space again with a bumper hit of blends and edits of mine that have been gathering dust for way too long so without further ado here comes the firesale.....

First up a couple involving Boy 8 Bit who's visiting Australia soon and is definitely work checking out if you haven't seen him already and probably if you have too.......
Boy 8 Bit / Hybrid / Amaze-on - Rockin' Like A Skyscraper [Kato Blend]
Boy 8 Bit / ABDC / Treasure Fingers - Feelin' Cross The Dancefloor [Kato Blend]
plus don't forget to grab my Killa Queenz / Boy 8 Bit from the way back in the first post
Boy 8 Bit / KillaQueenz - Sweaty Ghost [Kato Edit]

You'll probably recognise this vocal.....
DSK / George Demure - Sister DSK [Kato Blend]

M.I.A. & Switch - Booty Done Gun [Kato 'n Aux Edit]
[Shout out to my homeboy Dan Aux who helped me with this one and just got signed to Tommie Sunshine's new label Brooklyn Fire - nice!]

A bit of fun combining Rye Rye with the Imperial March from Star Wars
Rye Rye & KW Griff - Forced to the ground [Kato Blend]
[That's one of my first so go easy on me]

That's enough for one day, I'll leave you a little time to process before heading onto part two

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