Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kato Blend/Edit Firesale pt1

(Dude in this photo is the OG Kato played by Bruce Lee in The Green Hornet)

I'm back from outer space again with a bumper hit of blends and edits of mine that have been gathering dust for way too long so without further ado here comes the firesale.....

First up a couple involving Boy 8 Bit who's visiting Australia soon and is definitely work checking out if you haven't seen him already and probably if you have too.......
Boy 8 Bit / Hybrid / Amaze-on - Rockin' Like A Skyscraper [Kato Blend]
Boy 8 Bit / ABDC / Treasure Fingers - Feelin' Cross The Dancefloor [Kato Blend]
plus don't forget to grab my Killa Queenz / Boy 8 Bit from the way back in the first post
Boy 8 Bit / KillaQueenz - Sweaty Ghost [Kato Edit]

You'll probably recognise this vocal.....
DSK / George Demure - Sister DSK [Kato Blend]

M.I.A. & Switch - Booty Done Gun [Kato 'n Aux Edit]
[Shout out to my homeboy Dan Aux who helped me with this one and just got signed to Tommie Sunshine's new label Brooklyn Fire - nice!]

A bit of fun combining Rye Rye with the Imperial March from Star Wars
Rye Rye & KW Griff - Forced to the ground [Kato Blend]
[That's one of my first so go easy on me]

That's enough for one day, I'll leave you a little time to process before heading onto part two

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back Pon Di Blog

Holeeee sheeiit!!! sorry it's been a minute [a loooong minute] since I blogged Y'all but the real world's been munching into my internet time a little much lately. Anyway I thought I'd drop some more goodness on you today. Frist cab off the rank is a new mix I did for LocoDisco which is my saturday night residency in Sydney - the mix focuses on a little more on taking fun music to the big room dancefloor which is kind of what I do at that club here are the links



And the tracklisting.......
1. De Tropix V Mavado - So Blessed
2. Tim Green - Revox [Justin Martin Remix]
w/- bits of Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth [Renaissance Man Remix]
3. Gregor Salto - Mas Que Nada [Funkin Matt Dub]
4. Lowbrows - Melody & Shutter [Daniel Haaksman Remix]
5. Tiga - Beep Beep Beep [Phonogenic Remix]
6. Nat Self Edit
7. Luetzenkirchen - Lonely Phone Wants To Speak
8. Raziek - Wake Up [Zombie Disco Squad Remix]
9. Renaissance Man - Rythym
10. The Presets - Anywhere [Compuphonic & Kolombo Remix]
11. Beni - Maximus [Harvard Bass Remix]
12. Count and Sinden - Mega
12. Riton & Primary 1 - Who's There? [Inflagranti Remix]
13. Tough Alliance - Neo Violence [Shazam Remix]

LocoDisco is definitely worth a look if you're in Sydney on a Saturday, This Saturday it's my birthday and Shazam is playing with me, Sleater Brockman, Dan Cares!, Mehow and heaps more so come down for a drink. Also in coming weeks Ajax and Turbo Records Kolombo are dropping in to spin.


Alter Ego / Joakim / Mr Vegas - Why Not Fuck? [Kato Edit]

Also don't forget I do FBI radio in Sydney every thursday from 6-8pm with the lovely Anna Lunoe and this week our special guests are MIKIX THE CAT / MOMMA'S BOY [from Trouble & Bass / Sound Pellegrino] and SHAZAM [Bang Gang 12 Inches - and co-incidently playing my birthday party in Newcastle friday night at the Cambridge Hotel]

Your Shamelessly


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Martin Martian Madness

have a nice day

Justin Martin consistently blows my mind so I'm totes excited about he's gonna be in Sydney soon for the We Love Sounds winter festival. If you havent been worded up check his Chaos Restored mix series on Ben Watts fabbo Buzzin' Fly label plus his productions under his own name and Martin Brothers [with his brother Christian - whose also worth scoping] on Claude Von Stroke's Dirtybird labe. Below are a couple of blends I made awhile ago using Martin Brothers beats, Spank Rock and the Thong Song...

Tricky Thong [Kato Blend] - Martin Brothers / Tricky Disco / Sisqo

Stoopit Far Left [Kato Re-jiggle] - Martin Brothers & Spank Rock

Monday, April 20, 2009

TROPICAL TECH 101: A little from me, a little from him and some from them

I love when a new sounds develops and starts to break. So i start hearing these awesome african influenced house jams and digging and playing them out and even whip up this....


Then Teki Latex fly's into town and turns me onto his dope new label Sound Pellegrino and his Thermal Team with DJ Orgasmic who gave birth to this....

Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team - Coco Beach House Mix

And now upcoming Sydney DJ TOM YUM (goong) carries on the junglism (and totally not in a white dude with dredlocks way)....


and now we have the beginningses of a burgeoning new sound


Sunday, April 19, 2009

My collision with the KillaQueeeeeeeeeeeeeenz - BUMP!!!

KillaQueenz Sistarhood Launch party

I first came into contact with the KillaQueenz this time a year ago when I was helping soundcheck for Cool Kids, I had an electo track on and Queen G grabbed the mic and rocked an ill freestyle over it. Now a year on the Queenz debut album 'Sistarhood' is in stores and dope as hell - check 'Double Up' their mad collab with South Rakkas Crew and you're sure to be converted.

But this blog is supposed to be about me so back to my favourite topic - awhile ago I had a fiddle with the Queenz joint 'Sweaty Wet' and Boy 8 Bit's tasty 'Ghost House' and this popped out:


Welcome to the Terrordome

After all these years I've finally decided to jump on the blogwagon as but another item in my arsenal of weapons of mass procrastination. If you like ranting, raving, tropical techno, kookjams, scandal, trash talk, dirty talk, real talk and slow roasted pork. Also expect photos, videos and maybe the odd dancefloor decimator.

So without further ado....